Tenant RepresentationExpert Commercial Tenant Representation Services in St. Petersburg, FL

From identifying the best space that fits your unique requirements to making sure you’re protected in your new or existing lease, Vector saves you valuable time by representing you through every phase of the leasing process. Our experts understand the intricacies of the leasing process and are keenly familiar with the marketplace, equipping us to make your move more seamless and our services are offered to you at no cost.

How We Do It
Determining Client Needs
We made a specialty of Tenant Representation long before most real estate brokers were even familiar with the concept. We will consult with you to identify your ideal market location, space requirements, and other considerations that determine your real estate needs.
Canvassing the Market
Our team utilizes our extensive network of resources, market knowledge, and key contact to canvas the market and present the properties that best fit your needs. We will then coordinate tours of the prospective properties and assist in evaluating the factors involved in analyzing your options.
Comparative Analysis
Vector will summarize the prospective properties and assist you in comparing effective rental rates and costs associated with each option. We will then help you determine all relevant financial and non-financial aspects of the lease before moving on to the negotiation process.
Coordinate Lease Negotiations
We will request proposals and consult with you to negotiate the best terms on your behalf. During the process, we will take into account all of the relevant business points that are applicable to your leasing scenario.
Lease Review
Most leases are prepared by the Landlord’s attorney and are written with their best interests in mind. While we always recommend that you engage an attorney to review your lease, our team will also review the lease and make recommendations to you and your attorney to ensure you are protected.
Continued Support Throughout Your Lease Term
While many firms may feel work is complete once the lease is signed, the Vector team believes in building long-term working relationships with our clients. We are available as a resource to you for any real estate related question or concerns you may have during your lease term.

We can also provide additional assistance in the following areas:

  • Pre-occupancy assistance
  • Ongoing Landlord correspondence and lease review
  • Pass-through expense review
  • Renewal and/or expansion negotiation

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