Landlord RepresentationTrusted Landlord Representation Services in St. Petersburg, FL

Our team will aggressively market your property to minimize lost rent due to vacancies. Being property owners ourselves, we understand the challenges landlords face and are uniquely qualified to secure tenants best suited for your space while negotiating a lease that prioritizes your future interests. Throughout our history, we have remained successful in varying states of the real estate market.

How We Do It
Determining Client Goals
We will consult with you to understand both your short and long-term goals associated with leasing the property and how they fit within the market. While each Landlord’s goals are different, this allows us to determine the optimal marketing plan which aligns your expectation with the market.
Property Analysis and Valuation
Vector will tour and evaluate the subject property to determine the condition and overall marketability. Our next step is to then utilize our extensive network of resources, market knowledge, and key contact to survey the competition and determine how to best position the property in the market.
Our team utilizes a variety of method to effectively market a property, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Creation and distribution of marketing flyers and other marketing collateral
  • Posting on various online listing services, including, Co-Star, FGCAR Commercial Information Exchange, along with city and county economic development sites
  • Property signage
  • Direct marketing and target prospects
  • Mass email to prospects and local brokerage community
  • Feature on the Vector website

Fielding Marketing Response and Qualifying Interested Tenants
We will work with you to analyze each prospective tenant and advise you in determining the most qualified lessee who will best fit the property.
Negotiate Offers
Based on our experience and market knowledge, our team will negotiate the best lease terms on your behalf.
Lease Review
Vector will review the Landlord’s lease form and ensure the negotiated terms are incorporated.
Building a Long-Term Working Relationship
While many firms may feel the work is completed once the lease is signed, Vector believes in building a long-term working relationship with our clients. Our team is available as a resource to you for any real estate related questions or concerns you may have in the future.

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